Life happens… that’s all I can say for the hiatus I’ve taken since blogging last.

Where do I begin??? Christmas was great, it was our 1st Christmas as a married couple and and as a “official ” family. My 2nd year as “Santa”, which quiet frankly is a seriously hard gig to pull off. I mean think about it…we had to purchase the gifts then in a matter of a few hours assemble them without waking the children and place them ever so carefully near the tree with the exception of the trampoline. I mean really, how’s Santa suppose to get a trampoline in the living room??? Then of course there is the sweet reward of cookies & milk (plus the carrots for the reindeer that Banks actually nibbles on for surprise factor for the kids). The day after Christmas we took the kids snow tubing for the 1st time, Nana tagged along. The kids were skiddish at first, but after their 1st time down with me and Banks they wanted to tube by themselves. Nana wasn’t so keen on the snow tubing activity which resulted in her sitting out after a few runs down the mountain.

We rang the New Year in with sparkling grape juice, hats and little “2015” sparkly glasses. The kids were excited to stay up till midnight…they made it to 9:15pm.

In February we decided to surprise the kids with a getaway to the Great Wolf Lodge. First and foremost, it’s a bit pricey but worth every penny. So if you haven’t been to the Great Wolf Lodge you should definitely try it out. Banks and I enjoyed it just a much as the kids. We enjoyed it so much that we’ve scheduled a 3 day stay in the Fall.

Into the month of March we went and in March we celebrated BaiLeigh’s 10th birthday with a roller skating party. She had a blast with 50 screaming kids on roller skates. After the cupcakes, pizza and presents BaiLeigh exclaims this was the best birthday ever.

April came with Easter, family photo sessions, school field trips and Cooper’s 1st year of baseball.

May was a busy month withmy 1st Mother’s Day, which was the sweetest thing ever. BaiLeigh and Cooper made me the cutest gifts at school out of pottery with the sweetest cards.

June came and went with me turning 36 years old. Wow, 36…when did I get this old? It seems like yesterday I was 25 years old and now I’m 36.

Caught up…

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At last…a SOCCER MOM

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Becoming a Soccer Mom…Finally.

I’ve always dreamed of having a house full of kids: juggling soccer & tee ball games, school plays, play dates, family vacations, helping with school projects, making Halloween costumes, putting Band-Aids on skinned up knees, staying up all night trying to break that fever that just won’t go, being there to comfort when they have their first broken heart..I wanted the good and the bad, the fun and not so fun aspects of a family…I wanted it all!!! Voila*** here I am…Instant MOM. So I’m fairly new to the mommy scene, almost a year in and we’re all still alive (LOL).

BaiLeigh decided that she wanted to play soccer this year so of course I was excited, ready to become the coveted SOCCER MOM. I immediately dug out my “chair in a bag” and ordered my monogrammed soccer bag from Thirty-One… don’t all soccer moms have a monogrammed bag (LOL)??? Oh what was I thinking, BaiLeigh needed soccer gear (I was only worried about what I’d need as a soccer mom and forgot that she’d need stuff). Off we went to the sports store (or should I say stores) to purchase cleats, shin guards, soccer shorts (ya know regular shorts can’t be worn in soccer, LOL), soccer socks, soccer bag, arm bands and of course a soccer ball. Now we’re set, at least that’s what I thought…

I was more excited for the first practice session than BaiLeigh. We registered on the first day of registration and then the wait began….5 weeks passed before I got the call that soccer assessments would be the following Saturday, soccer assessments, huh??? What is a soccer assessment? This is should be interesting.

Finally the morning had arrived for her soccer assessment. I got BaiLeigh up with plenty of time to spare, fixed a nutritious breakfast (you do know breakfast is the most important meal of the day) and off we went. BaiLeigh looked like she just stepped out of a kids soccer catalog complete with everything you could possible need plus the awesome hair bow to accent the outfit. Naturally we were the first to arrive (I’m always early, can’t stand being late) even before the coaches arrived. We signed in at the tent and off went BaiLeigh to join her friends. I hit the side lines to set up my chair. Here I am sitting at my first soccer assessment as a new SOCCER MOM. I know all the other parents were looking at me like “Why is this woman smiling from ear to ear at 9am on a Saturday morning when we could be doing something else”? Little did they know that I was finally living my dream, being a SOCCER MOM. As the assessment started I soon realized that I knew very little about soccer and poor BaiLeigh knew even less than I did. I quickly whipped out my handy cellphone and began to Google soccer rules. Oh my, I realized then that I was going to have to study this sport in detail if I were going to be able to help BaiLeigh.

After the assessment we were told that teams would be drawn and I’d be notified of her first practice time and place. This was great news because now I’d have time to study the rules and help BaiLeigh on the basic fundamentals of the game. Within a week I got the call that her first practice would be the following Tuesday night at 6pm. I anxiously awaited the first REAL practice. I hurried home from work and changed into my soccer mom clothes…tee, shorts, flip-flops and my monogrammed bag that had everything I could possible need: wipes, snacks for BaiLeigh and her little brother, Cooper, bottle water, Gatorade for BaiLeigh, first aid kit, inhaler and of course the health insurance card (never know when we’ll need it). We arrived at practice about 10 minutes early and went on down to the field to set up our chairs. As her new team mates began to arrive BaiLeigh was pleased to have several kids from her class at school on her team, but what about me???Here I am an official Soccer Mom and I know NO ONE!!! A little back story, I own a house in another city (the city where I work) and my husband owns a house in the town we are currently living in until we get his fixed up to be sold. So I know NO ONE in this town which may have helped increase my excitement in becoming a SOCCER MOM.

As the kids arrived one by one I notice only one parent came to watch the practice all the others just dropped their kids off and burnt tires out of the parking lot. I thought for a few minutes then decide to introduce myself to the lady setting up her chair a few feet away from me and Cooper. She instantly pulled her chair over to me and we began to talk, oh how I’ve longed to have someone as an adult to chat with in the afternoons. Banks works an odd shift 7pm-7am M-Th, so it’s just me and the kids during the week nights. Her name is Kelly, but likes to be called Granny. She has custody of 2 of her grandsons whom are both on BaiLeigh’s soccer team. She seems too young to be a grandmother to a 7 and 9 year old. At this moment I’m full of happiness for I have just made my first friend as a SOCCER MOM.

As the weeks pass and we attend 3 practices a week I encounter more of the soccer parents and strike up friendships with them. I’m finally starting to feel a bit of ease in my new town for I finally know some people. After a month of practices it’s finally game time (Oops, in soccer it’s MATCH TIME) and the match is on Saturday so my husband can go with us which makes BaiLeigh and myself happy (everyone at the practices assume I’m a single mom since Banks is at work during the week night practices). We arrive at the game (early as usual) and find the fields we’re scheduled to play on. BaiLeigh heads out to meet up with her team and we find a good spot on the side lines near center field to setup our chairs. As the parents arrive one by one they say “Hi” to me and begin to set up their chairs around us. Now if you knew Banks you’d know that he is a quiet, stay to himself, non-socializing man so this accumulation of people that have begun to surround us leaves him uneasy. He leans over to me and says “Do you know all these people? “I reply “I sure do, these are my soccer friends” with a huge smile. He can see that I’m happy about this and he just rolls his eyes and whispers to me “I love that you’re a social butterfly and that you’re my social butterfly”.

So back to the match, BaiLeigh’s team looks like a bunch of 10 year olds running AWAY from the ball !!! Bless their hearts; they’re all terrible at soccer with the exception of like 3 players on the team. We not only lose, but we get slaughtered 5 to 0. Repeat that scenario 15 more times and that sums up BaiLeigh’s first season as a soccer player. After not winning a single game all season BaiLeigh is not even fazed, she’s just happy to have played soccer and I’m happy to have become a SOCCER MOM.

Life is too short to worry about being the best, first or the most popular, JUST BE HAPPY IN WHATEVER YOU DO.

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Intro to my blog: Life Then and Now

First and foremost I would like to say I’m extremely happy with where I am in my life, I’ve been blessed with an exceptional life…thankful for all my blessings, for I do not deserve all that I have, but am abundantly grateful.

I have the most wonderful, loving, caring, selfless,  adoring, and yes extremely SMOKIN HOT SEXY husband EVER!!!

The sweetest step-children (this will be the first and ONLY time I will refer to them as my step-children because I call them MY CHILDREN) anyone could hope to have in this life.

Wonderful family: a very southern conservative yet understanding mother, a “wild hair” fun loving sister and the most angelic niece.

The best friends a girl could ask for…lets face it, without family and friends life sucks.

A very complex and stressful yet rewarding career.

So now I guess you’re wondering why is this 35 year old, married stepmother of 2 amazing children who seems to have quiet simply the best life ever blogging??? Well, its not always perfect and its been a roller coaster of a ride getting to where I am today. Lets get something straight from the beginning: I LOVE MY LIFE and wouldn’t change my past because if I did I wouldn’t be here NOW, but everyday has its challenges. You’re probably also thinking “what does she have to say about anything?”…well EVERYTHING.  I wanna talk about everything,  anything,  something…nothing. If you decide to stay with my blog you’ll raise your eyebrows,  laugh till it hurts, maybe even shed a tear or two, but you’ll definitely be talking about what you read on my blog to your friends and family. So hang on and lets get this ride started.

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